I just read this book and it is really good.  Go check it out at the library!

I pretended I was Matt from the book and wrote a diary entry.  I hope you like it.

Dear Diary,

I had a hard day today doing my chores.  After everything was done, I had a chance to think about my friend Attean and all the things he taught me.  Attean taught me useful things about getting food, making clothes, and finding shelter.

Thanks to Attean, I never have to be hungry again.  He taught me to catch small animals with snares.  I was very bad at first.  But I kept trying and now my snares work!  He also taught me how to make a hook out of wood.  This makes catching fish much easier.  I never have to worry about losing a hook because I can always make another one.

I am so proud of the hat I made.  I never would have been able to do it if Attean hadn’t taken me to the Indian camp.  I watched the squaws scraping skins and then using them to make things.  The hat is so warm.  I also saw they sewed with needles.  It took me a while but I figured out how to make one with an old bone, just like theirs.  Sewing the hat was hard work, but I did it.

Attean also taught me how to protect myself in a rainstorm.  You have to get a certain leaf and make a cone above you.  It will protect you from the rain like an umbrella.

I learned a lot from Attean.  I am going to miss him when he goes hunting and finds a new camp. 


1/31/2010 11:18:14 pm

Great writing!

2/1/2010 02:55:52 am

Good job. Survival skills are always fun to think about. My husband is a Cherokee indian, and we homeschool our daughter. This sounds like a book she might want to read. Thanks for sharing. You have a great imagination. Keep writing.


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